James E! Walker's horizontal logotype with tagline, Man of Many Hats, Artist of Many Acts.
James E! Walker is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, producer, engineer, photographer, printmaker, and content creator, known as the "Man of Many Hats, Artist of Many Acts." 

Self-proclaimed as “Houston’s Tour Guide Ambassador,” he launched a one-man cross-country tour amid the 2020 global pandemic and span through 2021-2022, giving birth to his Designer Rap Tour brand. Over that 3 year period, James toured 14 states and over 30 cities to establish a grassroots network.
Still riding the wave of 2022’s year-end Disney credits for his contribution as a designer for The Hip Hop Nutcracker and first prize win for his artwork at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston exhibit, the artist formerly known as The Real J. Walker!, returns with his third solo music project. 

Designer Rap (Audiobook 1): The Manifesto is Walker’s first full-length album since his 2013 release of Ezoterik: Audiobook #1. Picking right back up where he left off as he states on ‘Ezoterik,’ “…this ain’t no album, it’s an audiobook!” 

What makes his body of work so refreshing is his uncanny way of crafting lyrics that connect the music to the art in such a “humbly braggadocious” manner, all by design.
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