James E! Walker is a Houston native best known as the "Man of Many Hats, Artist of Many Acts." His ability to switch roles seamlessly is embodied in his alter ego, "The Janitor and The CEO." James is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and music producer who fuses hip hop with graphic arts. He is an award-winning artist traveling cross-country while maintaining his roots as "Houston's Tour Guide Ambassador."
In 2020, he launched his independent DRT tour, which is now in its fourth year, covering over 50 cities in 15 states. In 2022, Walker won the 1st Prize Recipient Selection of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Citywide African American Artist Exhibition. In 2024, he was awarded the Juneteenth Commission for Midtown Houston's Midtown Sign mural installation.
James E! Walker released his second solo LP in 2022, titled Designer Rap (Audiobook 1): The Manifesto. He is currently working on his most anticipated project of 2024, Designer Rap (Audiobook 2): Humbly Braggadocious.

James E! Walker's signature icon.